The End

I’m 25,000 words into the third and final book of The Witches of Spring Hill series. As I’m writing, I’m constantly thinking about how this is the last book, and the last time I write about these characters. It sounds strange, but the Alexanders and Silvans have come to mean so much to me. Some people have suggested that I keep writing the series, that I don’t end it yet, but when are there too many books in a series and at what point do people stop reading them?

As a reader, I’ve started reading a series, only to find myself stopping midway into them. I get tired of reading the same descriptions of the characters, especially when I’ve read all of the books so far (I know what they look like already!), and get bored with the same personalities doing the same things, etc. But as a writer, it is so hard to say goodbye to characters. I’ve spent the last 7 months living and breathing these characters. I think about them constantly, I dream about them, and I know them as if they are real people.

I don’t want anyone to put down my books because they are tired of reading the same details, so I am very careful about being redundant… especially with character descriptions. I want new readers to ┬ápick up the third book and have enough details to know what’s going on*, but I also want to reward my readers who have been there since the beginning by not repeating all the mundane, descriptive details that can bog down the book. My readers know that Rowan’s green eyes burn with pentagrams and you know that Jet is Xavier’s nickname because of his black hair and black eyes. It is a balancing act to provide enough details for new readers without being repetitive.

But all good things must come to end. Only I don’t want to say goodbye forever…

So here’s the deal. I’ll end the series – for now. I will leave it up to the fans. I’ll take a break and write the next series that is knocking at the door of my mind, begging to be set free. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back to Spring Hill in the future and revisit the Alexanders and Silvans.

Right now, I’m heading back to Spring Hill. I look forward to sharing all the adventures in this third and final book.

*Although the series can be read out of order, it is not recommended. The best way is to meet the characters from the very beginning and follow the storyline as it is meant to be read.

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