Sparks of Creativity

Ah, summer. The perfect time of year to spend more time in the great outdoors. Earlier this year, my husband and I decided that this was the summer that we were going to camp, hike, and visit as many new places as possible every weekend. And then something amazing started happening. After these weekend jaunts, I’d come home inspired to write. And write. And write. I quickly discovered that our weekends in the woods sparked my creativity. Whether the new experiences made me more creative, or if it was just spending time in nature that brought me to life, I’m not exactly sure, but one thing I did know… I wanted more of it.

So, on my 40th birthday, my husband and I made a huge change in our life. We took a leap of faith and gave away most of our belongings, left our lovely city of Seattle, and hit the road in an RV. I’m currently writing this post from the Newport Public Library in Newport, Oregon. We’ve traveled through Washington, hitting up national forests, state parks, and the occasional RV park. One day, I woke up 100 feet from the Pacific Ocean and that same night went to bed in a rainforest, my lips still salty from the ocean breezes.

The best part of this new life? Writing anywhere and everywhere. I’ve discovered a deep love for sitting outside in the brisk morning air, surrounded by 100-year-old pine trees, bees buzzing by as my fingers click on the keyboard. The stillness of the forest at night inspires me even more than the rain tapping against the windows back in Seattle.

So, I’m currently working on the sixth, and I think final (whenever I think it’s the end, the characters call me back) book in the Witches of Spring Hill series. The words are flowing like never before, and the story is twisting and arcing in ways I never could’ve imagined. And to stay in the creative flow, I’ve taken up photography and will be adding a page or a link with pictures of our adventures. Stay tuned for more updates – though they may not be as often as I’d like since they depend on an internet connection, which is rare on the road! 😉



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