Let the editing begin!

I have finished writing Crafted Truths, the third book in The Witches of Spring Hill series. I am now in the edit phase of Write, Edit, and Repeat, and I am on schedule for publishing in the beginning of October.

This book was near and dear to my heart. While writing it, I was certain that this would be the last time I wrote about these characters, and at times, I felt a little sad. I’ve received a surprising amount of feedback from readers who have told me that they would like to see the series continue. They want to see how the relationships evolve, see what happens when the kids get out of high school, and watch them grow into adults. The potential of these characters is limitless, and I am now strongly considering continuing the saga of the Silvans and Alexanders.

There is still so much more that can happen and, as a reader, I love a series that goes on and on. So stay tuned, there just may be more to the story.

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