Coming Soon – A Short Story

Actually, it’s a novella, which happens to be one of my favorite words now. I do recognize that the reason I like that word may be because it makes me think of Nutella, but I digress. This post is not an announcement for a short story about Nutella, rather an announcement for book 4 1/2 in the Witches of Spring Hill series.

Echoes of Secrets, A Novella, will be released mid-May. It’s a quick read that will bridge the gap between book four, Distracted by Fate, and book five, which will come out later this year.

Echoes of Secrets is about Kaiden’s journey, which leads him to the discovery which was introduced at the end of Distracted by Fate. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, you’ll want to do that first because this is not a stand-alone story and, therefore, it needs to be read in order.



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