Full Circle

Life is finally returning to normal for the Alexanders and Silvans. With business booming at Silvander, Chloe and Cian hire someone new—someone they discover has a special connection to Kaiden. Brianna is spending more time developing new abilities; Xavier is embracing his role as High Priest of the coven; and Rowan—well, Rowan is practicing a new kind of magic that she’s keeping to herself. But when Kaiden returns home, he brings with him something that will rock the foundation of their lives, forcing them to question everyone they thought they could trust, including each other.

With the discovery of what can only be called a betrayal, they begin to feel like pawns in a game they didn’t even know they were playing. Determined to make sense of everything, they begin seeking answers, which only leads to more questions, unexpected revelations, and a string of events that will end in a final showdown with Isis.

In the exciting conclusion of the Witches of Spring Hill series, the Alexanders and Silvans learn that love really does conquer all, and given time everything comes full circle.