Echoes of Secrets

When Kaiden Alexander left Aspen, Colorado, to search for Sophia Markham three months earlier, he had no idea it would take him on a journey he didn’t expect—a journey into himself.

Assuming Sophia is the only person who knows the truth about his past, he’s willing to do anything to find her. But he quickly learns that nothing is ever as it seems—and sometimes it’s necessary to stop fighting against fate and just let the road take him where he’s meant to go. Only then will he begin to unravel the secrets and discover what is missing from his life.

The discovery of a grand illusion, with an untold number of secrets attached, could destroy the trust his family has built. So before he can explain his discoveries to them and Brianna, Kaiden needs to understand it all himself, which means keeping his own secrets from the people he loves. What he finds will change everything he knows about himself. The journey will stoke the embers already burning inside of him, creating a fire that won’t ever burn out.